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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Jumat Kumat 22

Sorry, its

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Monday, January 22, 2007

La Belle Widad

Karim is his name. He's Algerian (I said that he's a cousin of Zinedine Zidane... hihiihih), but he lives in Paris. He's moslem. His primary language is arabic, the second one is french, and the third one is english. I know him because he's a friend's friend of mine (her name is also Dian). I met him for the first time in 2001 (actually knowing him for the first time, too) when he visited Indonesia for about a month to meet his friends (in fact, he wanted to chase a girl in a small town at east java... hahahahahh...). I had already in Bandung when he came here.

Karim was landed in Jakarta, met Dian and Fira. When he wanted to visit Bandung, Dian asked me to guide him. At first, I was so nervous coz I never had a foreigner, totally a stranger, to be guided. But, well... whatever will be, will be. He came, I had a chance to practice my french with him, but mostly we talked in english... hehehehhee... and of course, I always had my english-french dictionary with me. He spent two days one night only in Bandung, so I just bring him to Lembang, Maribaya, and Tangkuban Perahu (accompanied by Senja and Ogun, my work friends), and the rest just hanging around along the Dago street. One moment I remember most is when I asked him to ride a becak with me, from BIP to Hotel Riau, and I sang the Becak song then translated it into english. Damn, it's a little hard for me to translate it... hahahahhahaa... lucky me that I didn't have to translate it into french!

Then he continued his trip to Yogyakarta. I called Anti and asked her to guide Karim. From Yogyakarta he went to Malang, then to Denpasar (a friend of mine at Denpasar couldn't guide him at that time, so he was alone there, sorry), to Surabaya, back to Malang (again) and finally to Jakarta. Before he left Jakarta, I surprised him by coming to Jakarta, and with Fira, Amor, and Amor's friend, we went to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, then delivering him to Cengkareng Airport. And till now we keep in touch.

He invited me to his wedding party at 2003 (c'est bon en 2003, Karim? j'oublie) but I couldn't attend it coz it was held in Algeria!!! :D Maintenant, il a une tres belle fille. Now, he has a very beautiful daughter, named Widad. She's like doll. She's so cute, really really cute!!! Today I chatted (again, after few months no news) with him and got the picture of Widad then an idea come to me.... et voila.... here it is!

Sebenernya sih aku cuma pengen majang photonya Widad di sini. Abisnya cantik banged sih! Ih kayak boneka gituh! Gemes deh pengen nyubit pipinya yang kemerah2an itu!

I made this article with permission of Karim, though he called me cruel... hahahahhaaa... C'mon mon cher ami, give me comment for this, okay?!

Update :
Karim's comment (hey Karim... why don't you give your comment here, not in YM... hihiihhi) :
lui : salut dian its fabulus
lui : merci pour cet article je le trouve tres touchant et plein d'amitié et de sincerite, je te temoigne beaucoups de respect et je te dis à trés bientot
*grab my french-english dictionary in a rush and translate it immediately*

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Jumat Kumat 21

Jumat Kumat di Kampung Gajah hari Jum'at lalu mempunyai tema airways karena topik yang lagi hangat adalah mengenai kecelakaan pesawat Adam Air. Di sini aku diceritakan menjadi pramugari id-GMail Airways yang selalu tersenyum di mana pun, kapan pun hihihihi... Dan sepertinya hanya ada 1 rute penerbangan yaitu ke Timbuktu. Eh tapi dulu sempet ada Bunda Airways loh, cuman sekarang kayaknya udah bangkrut :D dan semua saham berpindah tangan ke id-GMail Airways.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Kunjungan Malam di Bosscha 2007

Dapet selebaran dari opis boi yang rumahnya Lembang, tentang jadwal kunjungan malam di Bosscha selama tahun 2007 ini :

Periode April - September 2007
Jam 17.00 - 20.00

- Selasa tanggal 24
- Rabu tanggal 25
- Kamis tanggal 26

- Selasa tanggal 22
- Rabu tanggal 23
- Kamis tanggal 24

- Kamis tanggal 21
- Jumat tanggal 22
- Sabtu tanggal 23

- Kamis tanggal 19
- Jumat tanggal 20
- Sabtu tanggal 21

- Selasa tanggal 21
- Rabu tanggal 22
- Kamis tanggal 23

- Selasa tanggal 18
- Rabu tanggal 19
- Kamis tanggal 20

Yuk yuk yuk kopdar malem yuuukkk.... ;p

Eh ini posting pertamaku di tahun 2007 ya? Hihihihii...

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