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endhoot at the first time being BLOGger was so GO-BLOG for nge-BLOG in the BLOGspot and made a JE-BLOG one

Thursday, March 17, 2005


took few time to have trial-and-error and made another setting for my first BLOG
and it's in pink now.... hehehhe.... replaced my "green dots" setting...

well.... what i have to do now?
i'm an indonesian, if i wrote my BLOG in indonesian language, some of you will not understand what i write here....
hhmmm.... i think i will write whatever i want, right?
in indonesian or in english or maybe in french or...
of course, in my mother tongue, javanese language

voila, c'est mon premiere BLOG
ouch! it's a little bit difficult to have the first time in BLOG
and a little bit confused....
help me.. help me...

asli aku bingung mo nulis apaan
ada ide ga dari kalian?



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