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Friday, March 18, 2005

TV Tome

ada satu site, namanya TV Tome, yang gue bilang sih asyik banget geto loh


1. karena site ini neh mengupas tuntas segala macem acara dan film tv, tetapi hanya acara tv yang tayang ato made in amrik sono
2. karena dia memberi informasi terutama jalan cerita dari acara tersebut

contoh neh, cerita tentang acara2 tv yang aku suka, semua aku dapet dari tv tome ini, misalnya, Bachelor, Bachelorette, For Love or Money, Outback Jack, Joe Millionaire, Sex and the City, Charmed, Friends, The O.C., etc....etc...

Two thumbs up for TV Tome!!!

so, if you wanna know all the stories from your favourite show
just click on TV Tome http://www.tvtome.com
and you'll get everything to fulfill your curiousity
hehehhehe... ;p



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