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Friday, March 18, 2005


u know what?
when u plan to change ur blog appearance
it means u must be ready to open the HTML tag again
coz ur old links, pics, clock, chat box, counter, etc in the side bar
will be erased and u need to write them down again

untung ajah gue blom ngeganti template-nya
coba kalo udah, bisa ngambek gue ga mo bikin blog lage

padahal gue merasa blom sreg ama penampilan blog gue saat ini, too girlish yah? terlalu centil abisnya pinky banget gitu...
ga sesuai ama karakter gue yah?

biarin dah...
ntar kalo i have much time to spend
i will change my blog-lah

sekian dulu untuk hari ini
cukup sudah i have a lot of experiences today
- embedding clock from ClockLink
- adding my cat pic into the blog side bar
- having my own chat box from Shoutboxes
- put a pic on post of my own blog and other blog

thanx GOD it's friday!



At March 18, 2005 5:40 PM, Anonymous Fefit said...

Nah mau juga nge-blog. Congratulation!


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