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Friday, September 23, 2005

Yang Tercecer 1

I know...I know.... it's out of date aka BASBANG (BASi BANGed), but I still wanna write it down here, so don't protest, sit down nicely and read my report, ok?!

Saturday, August 6th, 2005 : UNPLANNED KOPDAR

Attendants :
- Fajri
- Febz
- Pri
- Nugi
- Jay
- me

Febz came to Bandung to visit her boyfriend, Fajri. At first, she didn't wanna tell her visit to him, and I'd promised to her to not tell him about it. But, then, she showed up to my office with him... coz she was lost when arriving to Bandung ;p Then, I asked Fajri to treat me coz he ever said that he wouldn't treat any Bandungers if Febz was not around. Three of us went to Kantin Sakinah to have mie ayam and the famous es duren!

And something crossed my mind! Pri will kill me if I didn't tell him about this meeting and treating, coz he (according to him) hadn't had a formal meeting with members of id-GMail. Then, I called Pri to let him know about it, and he said he was on the way to meet Nugi and Jay at BSM (Bandung Super Mall). Darn! Why they didn't tell me! So, I told to the couple and we decided to go to BSM, too. Finally, we were in BSM and met Pri, Nugi, and Jay. At the BSM food court, there was HotSpot, which we could connect to internet free of charge! Horraayy!! We prepared our gadgets ;p

All of us started to use our gadgets :

Pri, Nugi, Jay, and me checked our gmail by using Pri's ThinkPad, and by running more than one (in this case are 4) FireFox sessions. We reported our kopdar live from BSM! Live report! It was cool!

We asked Fajri to treat us dinner. At first, he said no, but we pushed him till he said yes.... hehehehhehe.....

Suddenly, a CHAOS happened! Febz accidentally spilled the tomato ketchup all over Fajri's Apple Mac!!! Uh...oh!!! You couldn't imagine how panic Febz was.... while Fajri sweated all over his face!

When evertyhing was settled down, and Febz was still in her worry, a little accident happened again!

Beginilah kalo gajah-gajah berkumpul!! Heheheheh.... Only 6 of us (id-GMailers) had a meeting, couldn't imagine what would happened when a lot more Gajahers met. Then, we went home with smile on our faces :)

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At September 23, 2005 5:01 PM, Anonymous rendy said...

tumben basbang.. mau ada acara apa nih ?

At September 24, 2005 12:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

woy itu foto2 basbang tapi diupload ke flickr dong, biar rame...

(males login)

At September 24, 2005 10:03 PM, Blogger M Fahmi Aulia said...

numpang lewat doank:p


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